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  • Completely tailor-made to each client’s needs, every concept is entirely unique. Theme Events designs perfectly fit any client and guests, regardless of their customs and traditions. Storytelling lies at the core of Theme Events inspirations, and a decade of experience in the Middle East means that he is well-versed in delivering designs that perfectly answer specific requirements depending on his clients’ cultural backgrounds and country of origin.


  • Following an initial consultation, Theme Events brainstorms new creative ideas with his team. At this stage of the concept development, a mood board comes to life, taking into account a client’s dream event and Theme Events unique vision. Sketches and illustrations also contribute to the overall blueprint for the final design. All spaces are accurately measured in order to develop a realistic design drawing.

Planning & coordination

  • Meticulous, diligent planning is of the essence for any event. It takes an even greater importance in weddings. Not only do weddings gather only people the bride and groom deeply care about; they happen just once in a lifetime! When stakes are this high, it is crucial to dedicate a considerable amount of time and effort to planning, but also to choose an exceptional wedding partner, who can help you with:
    Select a design & production
  • Selecting a floral supplier
  • Regular planning consultations
  • Budget estimates
  • Menu creation & tasting
  • Wedding flow development
  • Detailed wedding day timeline for suppliers
  • Ceremony & reception planning
  • Etiquette advice
  • Scenery management (place cards, guest book, favours, etc)

Lighting & Sound

  • Music and lighting play an essential role in creating the perfect atmosphere according to a bride’s wishes.
  • Indirect lighting will make the space welcoming and soft, while direct lighting can bring focus on the unmissable moments of a reception.
  • Music is a celebration of life itself, and has the power to reflect personal taste and identity. Music also owns the ability to generate strong emotional responses for all guests, as it invites them to dance and connect, thereby creating long lasting memories.

Video mapping

  • Also called 3D projection, video mapping is a form of spatial augmented reality that enables to turn any landscape into a display surface for video projection and, as such, to create extra dimensions, optical illusions and notions of movement onto static objects. When combined with synchronized audio, video mapping is used to create an immersive storytelling experience able to transport guests in a fantasy world. Theme Events personal affinity with technology enables him to pioneer forward thinking techniques for his clients.
    Video mapping quickly became a must-have for many weddings in the Middle East as it allows a completely immersive experience for each narrative, and is entirely versatile to any chosen location or design concept.


  • Flowers are a cornerstone of Theme Events wedding designs and concepts. Far from being a ‘last minute’ accessory, flowers offer yet another way to tell the story of the bride and groom through colours, shapes and symbolic meanings, and can be perfectly tailored to their cultural background, etiquette and style. Theme Events floral expertise covers a wide scope of know-how, ranging from supersize floral walls and ceilings, to a bride’s bouquet, stunning centerpieces and extravagant structures.


  • The invitation has a crucial role to play as it sets the tone for the theme, style and atmosphere of your celebration. Invitations are typically developed within the overall concept & scenery design of the wedding. Significant care is placed into making sure it reflects these in a condensed, short, easy to understand manner. From conceiving stunningly unique invitation designs to developing the latest printing, boxing or gifting techniques, as well as organizing reliable logistics for delivery, Theme Events is your partner of choice.

Hospitality Management

  • Strongly focused on identifying, understanding and responding to the needs of each guest, Theme Events believes that an outstanding service experience lies at the core of each event’s success. Therefore, selecting the right partner for hospitality – mostly hotels but also chefs and tour operators – is the cornerstone of a successful event. From there onwards, coherence and consistency are pivotal in creating extraordinary experiences for special celebrations.

Venue Management

  • Selecting the appropriate venue is an essential step in any event planning. For weddings, managing all add-ons and small details but also negotiating unique requirements with the venue plays a crucial role to ensure a smooth, stress-free day for the bride and groom. Theme Events takes complete charge of the venue management while remaining in close contact with his clients, and relaying information in real-time to ensure timelines are respected and there is a comfortable feeling of control for each party involved.